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The process of initiation concerns the undergoing fundamental set of rites to start a new phase or beginning life. It marks the passing from one phase in life to the next more mature phase. Initiation fundamentally has to do with transformation, and has been a central component of traditional ancient cultures since time and immemorial. The details of the rites vary among societies, however there are basic components of the society as they help guide the person from one stage of in life into the next stage of one's life and development.

The BMRP is based on the Rite of Adulthood. There are seven passages that each participant are required to go thru during their journey through the sessions. The following is a description
of BMRP seven passage areas:

  1. LEADERSHIP AND HUMAN DEVELOPMENT - This Passage explores the principles of Leadership and Stewardship, and, the concepts of unconditional love, friendship, courage, patience, commitment, empathy, and compassion.

  2. PERSONAL - This Passage seeks to enhance self-esteem, improve self-concept, self-image, and generally enhance the protégé's sense of self-worth.

  3. ECONOMIC - This Passage teaches the purpose of money, how to make money, and how to manage money. Additionally there is a focus on career exploration and entrepreneurship.

  4. EDUCATIONAL/MENTAL - This Passage seeks to enhance youth appreciation of education. Additionally, there is an emphasis on critical thinking, decision-making and concentration.

  5. SOCIAL - This Passage teaches and develops skills of leadership such as public speaking, persuasive writing, organizing, supervising, motivating, decision making, and critical thinking.

  6. PHYSICAL/HEALTH/WELLNESS - This Passage concerns itself with the development, care and maintenance of the physical self. Youth explore and develop an understanding of nutrition, the dangers of alcohol, tobacco, and substance abuse.

  7. HISTORICAL/CULTURAL - This Passage seeks to develop a sense of historical awareness, connection, vision, purpose, and understanding and appreciation of self and group. Additionally it exposes youth to the ideas, values, principles, perceptions, art, music, literature, thinking, and behavior patterns of people and cultures around the world.

The BMRP program was developed in response to growing need to help male youth succeed in school, work, family and community. Young males have had a problem strewn path of challenges as reflected in their high rates of dropping out of school; unemployment; crime; incarceration; and premature and unplanned parenthood. The BMRP seeks assist male youth by providing a systematic and deliberate mechanism of imparting important knowledge pertinent to their success as adults.  

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